About Uniting Digital

Founded in 2018 and based in Los Angeles, CA, Uniting Digital is a digital publisher which focuses on technology convergence and digital transformation and promotes discussions among different digital sectors such as electronic hardware, IoT, cloud computing, software, and artificial intelligence.  It is a place where you can comfortably step out of your comfort zone and learn from other emerging technologies or sectors that may be the missing piece of your technical advancement. Uniting Digital reaches technology enthusiasts of all types that include business leaders, innovators, solutions architects, engineers, entrepreneurs, system managers, and investors.  We are one of the fastest growing independent media companies that covers the technology information at the professional level.

Our Vision

The Information Age began when the integrated circuit (IC) was made possible where small electronic components can manipulate the flow of electrons and the techniques of wiring them on a single circuit. After 50 years, we found ourselves on the verge of entering another great age but without a name yet. We are witnessing a rapid pace of advancement in all technologies especially within these few years. We see the team restructuring into DevOps where it aims at unifying software development and software operation. Physical devices or everyday objects are made Internet-connected and able to communicate over the network. As more industrial systems and appliances are being brought online, the need for IT (Information Technology) to help the OT (Operational Technology) becomes a necessity to collaborate on the security concerns, and thus, it gives rises of IT/OT Convergence. Another convergence is happening now where the two transformative technologies, the artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT devices, forming into AIoT (the artificial intelligence of things). The specialized AI microchip on IoT devices makes the new paradigm called edge computing or edge intelligence a possibility. All these technology convergences will give the rise of a new era.

At Uniting Digital, we realize there is a need to have a central hub where all digital talented people from these emerging technologies can share and learn from each other because there may be no technical boundaries as it becomes a unified digital technology in the future.

Be prepared for the new digital age

Be prepared for the new digital age

Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.
— Dr. Emmett Brown from the film Back to the Future


Arthur Wang, Founder/Publisher


Founder/ Publisher

“Go beyond to the uncharted possibilities, only you can see and experience the fullness of life.” - Arthur Wang

Arthur is the Founder and the Publisher of Uniting Digital and the owner of AP Corporation. He has a diverse backgrounds and experiences in various industries including laboratory, entertainment, news media, software, medicine, healthcare, and manufacturing. He is also an entrepreneur of creating a business in health food and co-found a non-for-profit news agency.  He is also a book author in pharmacology and a certified writer for Seeking Alpha. He began his IT career from a hobbyist programmer and web designer to a professional software engineer at Western Digital in 2000. He later worked as a principal developer for top local search engine company and world largest post-production entertainment company, Deluxe Entertainment. Then he was a technology lead in UnitedHealth Group/Optum, the world’s largest healthcare company.

He earned a BS in Biochemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles and had studied information systems management, acupuncture and oriental medicine at graduate level while working in the laboratory in his early career.