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What we offer contributors

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When you have at least five published articles on our site, you can become our certified writer.

What We Look For

We are seeking for writers who can write not just the “what” that usually gets covered on tech news sites, but also the “why” and maybe the “how”, depending on your level of expertise. Moreover, we have an article section, where we encourage our contributors to choose from a wide range of topics from business strategy to technical development. 

Here are some basic examples:

  • A known method or technology [like Computer Vision] was usually in used in one area, but with the advancement in electronics and IoT, now it can be integrated with the edge devices. You can even show the simple codes (or GitHub links) or services to accomplish your proposed ideas.

  • Or you can write comparisons of wireless protocols used for IoT in its costs, applications, ranges, and specific models/makers and components.

  • Or you can write about how Microsoft acquires this startup company can have an impact on breakthroughs in AI and deep learning and the effects on the many industries.

  • Basic introduction of specific technologies is welcome with the mindset that it might be useful for other technical professions from different sectors to learn and create potential applications. For example, an electronics expert demonstrates the knowledge of adding a proper capacitor to the IoT prototype board can prevent some potential issues from happening in the real-world scenario.

  • Address specific problems or hardship business organization might face when traditional business is undergoing the process of digital transformation regarding the business organization, technology, and resource.

Feel free to drop us an email if you’re unsure whether or not your article idea is a good fit for our publication, or you can also send us an email at editor [at] with a brief description of what you want to write.

If you’re interested in becoming a technology contributor to Uniting Digital, we cannot wait to hear from you.

Here is the publishing process:

  1. Please email your article to the editor (editor @ [without the spaces]) with the subject of “New Article Submission,” with acceptable formats and must include the following information: article category, title, content, images, a list of keywords for tags, and an author bio. [The list of article categories can be found on our top menu. If it’s not existed, please email us first.] [You can add your biography at the end of your content with the proof of your expertise in the subject. Be sure to include a professional portrait as well.  Your social links are welcome.]

  2. We will email you a confirmation usually within 24 hours to let you know that we have received your article submission.

  3. In the review process, we will communicate with you if there is a need. Please make sure you can receive our emails. [Please include our domain name, in your email safe list/safe senders list]

  4. We will email you again when your article is published.

  5. Congrats! You’re officially a Uniting Digital Writer.

Note: You acknowledge and agree that Uniting Digital reserves the right not to publish if it is in violation of any applicable laws or does not follow the article submission guidelines or the standard that we set.

Article Submission Guidelines

Quality of Submissions

Expertise – It’s time to showcase your knowledge and share your know-how with your peers and other influencers in other digital sectors.

Originality – Your article is your original work and is not owned by any third party, and we only accept the work that has not published anywhere on the Internet.

Brevity and clarity – Try to use fewer words to express the same message you want to get across to your readers. Remember that less is more.


  • Length – 500 words minimum.  Over 1,000 words article is accepted and encouraged and should be supported by credible and authoritative research. If you have the expertise in your field, please feel free to share it in your bio as well since it strengthens your credibility.

  • Links – Please includes links when citing external sources and we encourage you to mention and link to your company or professional blog or own ebooks, white paper, case studies, etc. if they are relevant to your article. We use the do-follow link in your bio section. However, marketing promotion or hard sells links will be removed.

  • Clean – All submission must be proofread already.


You may republish your original Uniting Digital content elsewhere on the web if two weeks have passed from the article’s date of publication on You must include a link to the original article on the at the beginning or end of the post. However, we highly recommend you write a description about your article on your blog rather than copying the entire article because the search engines may penalize your site for duplication content and it certainly looks more authoritative and more credible displaying on the site than on the personal blog. 

Rights and Permission

Article authors retain the copyright for their articles. Authors should obtain necessary permission for the use of any copyrighted material, including images, sound, and video files and be able to provide proof if there are copyright disputes.

Acceptable File Types

Word Document, Google Doc or PDF are acceptable.