Sigfox Monarch is now powered by STMicroelectronics


The Sigfox Monarch service is a part of its core IoT wireless technology for LPWAN. It uses the unlicensed bands with very low cost, and it provides a unique radio recognition service based on ST’s S2-LP sub-1GHz radio with STM32 MCU or BlueNRG SoC. It works by automatically tuned on the local regional Signfox frequency band including Radio Configuration RC1 (Europe), RC2 (US), RC3 (Japan), RC4 (APAC), RC5 (Korea) and RC6 (India) worldwide zones, and then it seamlessly connects to the Global Sigfox network and other geolocation services.

"The S2-LP based Ultra-Low-Power Sigfox Monarch Ready Solution will deliver a great user experience for our clients who need to enable devices to run seamlessly in all parts of the world, unlocking endless use cases in logistics and supply chain, in the consumer industry, and in automated maintenance for the shipping, aircraft, and railway industries ," said Raouti Chehih, Chief Adoption Officer at Sigfox.

STMicroelectronics also provides a complete Software Development Kit (SDK) for Sigfox Monarch networking. The SDK runs on the STM32 MCU family where the ARM Cortex-M4 enables additional benefits of reducing network traffic because it can process the data efficient with its localized AI. The SDK allows smartphone app to set configuration and maintenance as it also supports a dual-radio reference solution powered by the BlueNRG -2 and BLE SoC.

In addition to the collaboration of Sigfox and STMicroelectronics, LITE-ON Technology is also cooperated with them to launch its Sigfox Monarch certified solution powered by STMicroelectronics dual-radio BLE + LPWAN chipset. The new solution will be showcased in the coming Signfox CONNECT event. It aims to revolutionize the global logistics industry since it can do tracking and remotely monitoring the position of any objects without the need of additional GPS device or Wi-Fi.  In this way, it surely allows unimagine possibilities in the areas of logistics and supply chain, aircraft, shipping and railway industries.